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Aia de Leon

Aia de Leon is a new addition to the camp. She’s best known for being the lead vocalist of the popular band Imago. She’s also idolized by many for writing the hit songs, Akap, taralets, and Sundo.

 7101: Are you excited to be a part of the 3rd ELEMENTS National Singing-Songwriting Camp?

AIA: I certainly am thrilled to take part in the 3rd ELEMENTS National Singing-Songwriting Camp. It’s a privilege to learn from some of the greatest and most prolific songwriters as they share their knowledge and experience in their craft. I’m expecting it to be a humbling and gracious experience as well, to share my own journey to others as well.

7101: What made you decide to join it?

AIA: To have been invited to join is truly a blessing for me. I anticipate this to be one of the most important parts of my musical journey.

7101: When did you start writing songs?

AIA: I started writing songs shortly after college when I joined my band Imago.

7101: Do you have a special ritual when you write songs? Or a specific place you go to?

AIA: The only way I could focus and write songs is when I’m happy and secure.

7101: How do you pick a topic to write about?

AIA: Any topic is fine, as long as I am able to ponder about it.

7101: Have you ever taught anyone how to write a song before? What about other things, like playing an instrument or singing?

AIA: I’ve never taught anyone to write a song or teach anyone to play an instrument. I’ve never been formally trained.

*Photo of Aia de Leon courtesy of Bubuy Balangue*

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Posted: 2013-06-24

Aia de Leon is a new addition to the camp. She's best known for being

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