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We wish to inform everyone that the 7th Elements Music Camp shall not be pushing through this year. It may be moved to a much later date, pending the outcome of an evaluation of the past 6 years of camp, but no timetable has been decided on at the moment. The founders, organizers and mentors have deemed it best and prudent to do an assessment and evaluation of this project to make the most of all resources, and possibly take Elements in a new direction that could be even more beneficial to the industry as a whole.

We wish to thank all those who auditioned for this year’s camp. We apologize for the long wait. Rest assured that you remain in our database and we will continue to update you on further developments.

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Our Artist Campers share their thoughts on ELEMENTS

Posted: 2013-06-24

Aia de Leon is a new addition to the camp. She's best known for being

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