Module 1: Contemporary Philippine Music History: An Overview

Module 2: Elements of Music

Module 3: Basic Music Creation

Module 4: The Story in your Head: Lyric Writing

Module 5: Group Presentation & Critique by Panel

Module 6: Arranging Session

Module 7: Jingle Writing

Module 8: A Racing Maze

Module 9: The TAO Way 

Module 10: Stage Performance: Top 10 Tips

Module 11: Band Tak

Module 12: A Case Study by Gerard Salonga

Module 13: Music Publishing: Know Your Rights

Module 14: Social Media in Music

Module 15: The Music Producer – Making A Demo

Module 16: Building Your Artist / Building A Career

Module 17 : Career Decisions/Setting Your Career Path

Module 18: So You’re On Your Way: Do’s and Don’ts

Module 19: Official Welcome to the Music Industry: Do’s and Don’t's

Module 20: Consultation With Mentors

Module 21: Graduation

Module 22: Responsibilities of a Singer-Songwriter


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Our Artist Campers share their thoughts on ELEMENTS

Posted: 2013-06-24

Aia de Leon is a new addition to the camp. She's best known for being

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