1. Who is eligible for application?

Any Filipino citizen and resident aspiring to be a singer-songwriter can apply. You must be between 18-35 years old at the time of application.


2. Where can I apply? 

You can only apply online. Log on to http://elementsmusiccamp.com.ph/index.php/application/


3. When is the application period? 

July 1 – August 31, 2016.


4. What do I need to submit to apply? 

You must first complete the online application form. Then submit one (1) audio file in Filipino, English or any Philippine regional language or dialect, AND one (1) video file (2 mins. max for video and 2 mins. max for audio).

Audio File: must contain only the song (it can be in a capella, acoustic, or full band)

Video File:

A. The first 30 seconds of the video, must contain:  (1) your name and (2) the answer to the question “why should I be chosen to be part of the 7th Elements Music Camp”.

B. The next 1 minute and 30 must contain a snippet of yourself performing the VERSE -CHORUS of your original composition.

Please take note that the composition should be sung by the songwriter and that both audio and video files should not exceed 10mb.


5. How many songs can I submit for consideration? 

It is one (1) song per person per entry so choose your best work! Only one (1) application per person will be screened.


6. What if there is more than one composer per song? 

Again, it is only one (1) song per person per entry. If there is more than one songwriter, a primary composer must be identified. That is the person who will be considered. So if your songwriting partner wants to attend s/he must submit a separate song.


7. What does a professional release or performance mean? 

It means being paid to perform at an event. Or being recorded and having your recording sold either through physical copies and/or online.


8. How do I know if my application is valid? 

You have to confirm your application via your e-mail address. Please check your INBOX, SPAM/JUNK MAIL or if you’re using gmail, check your social or promotion tab. Once you click the verification link sent by our website, your application is valid. Otherwise, your application will not be screened by the committee.


9. Where will the Camp be? 

The camp will be held in Indang Cavite. It will be in Hacienda Isabella which is about 2 hours away from Manila. Should you be chosen as a participant in the ELEMENTS MUSIC CAMP, the ELEMENTS team will take care of your transportation needs to, from, and during the Camp.


10. Do I need to bring an instrument? 

We will be providing a few guitars and keyboards but please feel free to bring your own guitar or any other instrument smaller than that.


11. Is there an application or Camp fee? 

None. All accommodations, meals, and transfers from major cities of departure will be covered. All you need to do is make sure that you complete the necessary steps for application found in the website and send in your best entry.


12. What is the application and selection process? 

You must first successfully complete the online application form. This will be screened by a panel of professional singers and songwriters. Potential attendees will be notified via e-mail that they have passed the preliminary screening. Live auditions will thereafter be held in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to decide on the final Campers who will join the ELEMENTS MUSIC CAMP.


13. How do I know if I will participate in the live auditions? 

Finalists will receive a call from the ELEMENTS MUSIC CAMP Team within a week after the end of the applications. You will also be notified via e-mail regarding the live audition schedules. The news will also be posted on our official website. If you do not confirm your audition slot within two (2) days of the announcement, your slot will be given to the next candidate.


14. How will I know if I get accepted? 

The names of the final sixty (60) campers will be posted on the ELEMENTS MUSIC CAMP website and will be notified via e-mail. The news will also be posted on our Facebook page. If you do not confirm your slot within (5) five days of the announcement, your slot will be given to the next candidate.


15. How many slots are available for ELEMENTS? 

There is a maximum of sixty (60) slots available or forty-five (45) at the minimun for singer-songwriters.


16. Who else will be at the Camp? 

Twenty (20) professional artists will be at the Camp to teach, speak, and share their experiences and know-how with you.


17. What do I need to bring to the Camp? 

Nothing but comfortable clothes, a healthy and open attitude, your thinking cap, the music in you, and no thoughts of a diet. Seriously. For other inquires, please send a message to elementsmusiccamp@gmail.com or message us on facebook. Stay in touch with us. Join the Nation!


18. What should I put in the Video Application? 

The video should be 2 minutes long.  

First 30 seconds of the video must contain your NAME and the answer to the question  ”why should I be chosen to be part of the 7th Elements Music Camp”.

The next 1 minute and 30 seconds must be a snippet of yourself performing the VERSE -CHORUS of your original composition.



19. Can I submit songs without Lyrics? 

All songwriting applicants must submit a song with lyrics.


20. Am I required to play my own instrument in my application and/or during auditions?

It is not a requirement but it is an advantage. You can do an a capella during auditions, use a minus one, or you can have someone else play for you. Take note that the person applying should be the one singing the song.


21. What are the accepted file formats?

For the audio, we only accept MP3 files. For the video, we accept MP4, MOV, and AVI.



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