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  • Renna Mae Zetha

    Name: Renna Zetha Gender: Female Date of Birth: January 19,1985 Contact Details: Facebook: Soundcloud:    

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  • Danielle Elise Zamar

      Name: Danielle Elise V. Zamar Gender: Female Date of Birth: May 23, 1986 Contact Details: Email: Soundcloud:        

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  • Lorenzo Gabriel Vergara

    Name: Lorenzo Gabriel Vergara Gender: Male Place of Birth: Davao City Band: C-Shifter Contact Details: Facebook: Youtube: Band Profile: C-Shifter Facebook:    

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  • Carlos Nikolai Velarde

    Name: Carlos Nikolai B. Velarde Gender: Male Date of Birth: November 23,1989 Occupation: Student Band: Dagsin Contact Details: Facebook: Soundcloud: Band Profile: Dagsin Email: Facebook:    

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  • Kate Torralba

      Name: Kate Torralba Gender: Female Occupation: Musician and Fashion Designer Contact Details: Website: Facebook: | Soundcloud: Twitter:    

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  • Jazper Tiongson

        Name: Jazper De Guzman Tiongson Gender: Male Occupation: media consultant; host, singer++ Contact Details: Facebook: Soundcloud: Twitter:      

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  • Carlo Louis Tiangson

    Free Electronic Press Kits from   Name: Carlo Louis Tiangson Gender: Male Occupation: Musician, keyboardist, guitarist, freelance, songwriter,composer and arranger. Contact Details: Email: Facebook: Youtube: Reverbnation:    

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  • Aian Tiangco

    Name: Kim Castillo Tiangco Gender: Female Date of Birth: October 28, 1990 Contact Details: Email: Facebook: Soundcloud:        

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  • Jem Talaroc

    Name: Jem Talaroc Gender: Male Date of Birth: March 11, 1991 Contact Details: Facebook: Soundcloud: Twitter:        

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  • Choi Suavillo

        Name: Pocholo Suavillo Gender: Male Birthday: November 6, 1977 Contact Details: Facebook:        

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Thought Bubble

Our Artist Campers share their thoughts on ELEMENTS

Posted: 2013-06-24

Aia de Leon is a new addition to the camp. She's best known for being

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