Raymund Marasigan is one of Philippine music’s most successful and prolific musicians.  His love for playing and performing began when he started taking organ lessons at the age of 8.  By the time he hit high school he was a regular church organist and was also giving music lessons on the side.  At this point Marasigan had also picked up the guitar and was beginning to play in bands with older friends.
In 1989 as a student at the UP College of Mass Communication he met the members of what is widely considered to be the most popular rock band in Filipino history – The Eraserheads.

Marasigan was going to play bass for the band, but ended up learning the drums instead.  The ‘Heads broke into the music scene in 1992 and the rest as they say is history.

After the band’s break up in the early 2000’s, Marasigan has gone on to perform, produce, and collaborate with a long list of local artists.  He is currently the singer for the band Sandwich, plays synthesizers for Pedicab, and bass guitar for Gaijin.  Always on the lookout for projects where he can team up with new and old musicians, he also hosts a show on the video channel Myx called “Tugtugan” where guest bands hold tutorials on how to play their popular hits.  His pet project – to get everybody to pick up an instrument, and “go out and form a band”.

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