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We're so happy that you find this interesting and we would love to have you join us! We need to make sure you qualify first, though, so please answer these questions:

Note: make sure your audio and video file is ready.

  • Do you own the material you are submitting?

  • Are you between the ages of 18 to 35?

  • Are you a citizen and resident of the Philippines?

7th Elements Music Camp 2016
  • The song you are about to submit will be reviewed by our Screening Committee. By uploading your song, you guarantee that your submission does not infringe upon any work that has been copyright protected. We adhere to strict copyright guidelines based on Philippine Law.

  • What is your instrument of choice?

  • Has your song been recorded commercially?

  • Have you assigned the rights to your song to any third party?

  • Has your song been publicly performed?

7th Elements Music Camp 2016

As an additional requirement, you need to upload a video of you performing your composition. (It doesn't need to be on stage.)

What should I put in the Video Application?

The video should be 2 minutes long.

First 30 seconds of the video must contain your NAME and the answer to the question "why should I be chosen to be part of the 7th Elements Music Camp".

The next 1 minute and 30 seconds must be a snippet of yourself performing the VERSE -CHORUS of your original composition.

  • Note: The video can be any of the following file formats: AVI, MP4, and MOV. Please limit the file size from 5-10MB only.

7th Elements Music Camp 2016
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